1. The cost of the program is $495.00 for basic program. $535 for the Xtreme Program with Skid Monster (learn more). If made in payments, $250 at time of enrollment and balance within the first 4 weeks. $10 a month late fee will be charged for unpaid balances. Payment is made to B&B Driving School and not the high school. Payment received date will determine registration for classes that fill. No refunds.


2. Class will be held at Mt Spokane Church, next door to the high school. Student may not miss more than three scheduled classes or will be dropped from class. No refund will be given. Program must run at least 5 weeks and not exceed 15 weeks after the last day of class. Class schedules are listed on the back of this form. Schedules may be subject to change.


3. Student must complete all learning activities as assigned by the instructor in classroom prior to the class ending to receive a passing grade. Donate for Life presentation will be presented on the first day of class.


4. Student must be 15 years old on the first day of class and obtain a driving instruction permit prior to the second week of class. A permit may be given as early as 10 days prior to class starting if your student is 15 years old, registered and has a DOL ID#. Student must successfully complete behind the wheel driving activities. These drives are prearranged and scheduled in the classroom in addition to class time.

Our program includes the DOL Written and Drive Test. 

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SECTION #1  Sep 15 - Oct 15  CLASS FULL

6:00 - 8:16 pm  Tue/Wed/Thu

*These are class times only. Drive times are scheduled separately and will meet at the high school.

*Summer classes will be available at 101 E Hastings Rd. Please go to our website