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Common Questions


How do I register for a class?

Please download and complete a registration form and either mail, fax or bring it to our B&B Driving School office. We must have a registration form with payment to hold your spot.

What is B&B's attendance policy?

A student may not miss more than three classes or will be in jeopardy of failure. These classes must be made up within the next class section. The same class material must be made up. This is a Washington State law.

How do I make up classes?

Each class is numbered. Students must make up the correct class number. This information may be obtained by calling the main office or talking to your instructor.


How long are classes?

Program length may vary from location to location. Washington State law requires all teenage programs to be at least 5 weeks and not over 2 hours a day.

How many hours of driving time are required to complete B&B instruction?

6 hours of driving are required. Drives will be scheduled weekly, and drive times are separate from class times.

How old do I have to be to start driver's ed?

A student must be 15 by the first day of class and may not begin after the 3rd day off class.


How do I get my driver's permit?

You may get an instruction permit at 15 years old when you are registered for a driver's education class. You must go to dol.wa.gov and apply online at license express. The number that you receive will be your permit number. Please submit this number with your registration form. We will then input the starting date of your Driver's Ed course to Department of Licensing. You may then go to Department of Licensing as early as 10 days prior to the start of your class to get your permit, if you are 15 years old. You will need to have your permit by the second of week of class.

Documentation you will need:
- A certified copy of your birth certificate
-Social security number.
- A parent or legal guardian
- Cost of Permit is $25

Northside DOL: 9107 N Country Homes Blvd
Valley DOL: 12801 E Sprague Ave 509


What do I need to do to get my drivers license?

To get a Washington State Driver's License at 16 years old, you must have completed the following requirements:
- Completed Driver's Education
- Passed your DOL written test with a score of at least 80%
- Passed your DOL road test with a score of a least 80%
- Have your permit for at least 6 months
- Received 50 hours of parent led practice, (including 10 hours of nighttime)

When all of the above is completed and you are 16 years old you may go to the Department of Licensing and apply for a Driver's License.

Documentation you will need:
- A completion certificate if your class was issued one.
- A certified copy of your birth certificate.
- Social security number.
- A parent or legal guardian.
For more information, please visit the DOL Website.

What is the Intermediate Licensing Law?

Getting an Intermediate License
- Must be 16
- Have a learner's permit for 6 months
- Completed a driver's education course
- Meet identification requirements including providing proof of parental relationship (have a birth certificate)
- Have a clear driving record, no tickets, no alcohol, drug or firearm offenses.
- Get a parent or guardian signature.
- Have a signed log book of at least 40 hours of parent led daytime driving and 10 hours of parent led night time.
- Pass written and driving exams.

Some Restrictions Apply
- For the first 6 months of driving, teens can't have passengers under the age of 20 except for family member. After 6 months, up to three teenage passengers can be in the car in addition to family members.
- No driving between the hours of 1 AM and 5 AM, unless a parent or guardian of other driver, who is a least 25 years old, rides along.

Penalties for First-year Offenses
Restrictions on intermediate license holders can stay in place until the driver turns 18. If any violations occur within the first year of driving, the passenger and nighttime restrictions will continue. In addition, the process until age of 18 is:
- The first violation gets a warning
- The second results in suspension of the intermediate license for 6 months, or age 18. Parent will receive copy of suspension.
- The third violation means a license suspension until the age of 18 years.

New Resident of Washington
Drivers 16 and 17 years of age with an out of state license or instruction permit must meet the intermediate license requirements. The License or permit may count toward the requirement to have a permit for 6 months.