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About Us

Our school philosophy is to strive to ensure each student receives the highest quality of driving instruction, providing them with outstanding, professional instructors. While teaching each student to become a confident, competent, defensive driver, our prime objective is to produce "Collision Free" drivers.

We teach our students not just to drive, but develop good driving habits for a lifetime.


"Thank you so much for providing fun, quality instructors to your driving students. My son had something positive to say about his instructors after each and every drive." - Ashley R.

"My teacher made each class session a meaningful experience. He really had a way of connecting with each student." - Jeff H.

"Thank you for the excellent course our daughter recently completed at your school. We were more than impressed with the wide range of subject matter covered." - Deborah A.

Home of the skidmonster

The Skid Monster is a specially equipped car that will help the driver learn how to prevent, detect, and recover from adverse conditions. It has has a set of castering wheels capable of rotating 360 degrees which is attached to the rear wheels.

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